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 SouthTrust Bank is Open and Here for You! 


For 85+ years, SouthTrust has weathered many ups and downs.  The coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak poses new

challenges but we maintain our sense of community and strive to meet your needs while protecting customers and



We are an essential business and we take that duty seriously.  This page will help you understand how we intend to

be there for you during this crisis, in a socially conscious way, and how we continue to offer products and services

that will keep your financial engine humming. We want to answer your questions and tailor our processes to meet

your needs.  That’s what Community Banks do and that is what sets us apart everyday. There is no, “one size fits all.”  

If you have needs and questions please do not hesitate to Call Us, Monday through Friday and a little on Saturday.  

We would not be here except for you. Thank you!




Committed to Health and Well-Being


In compliance with the Public Health Disaster Declaration issued by Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, STB will limit

lobby traffic. Doors to lobby areas will be closed to the public during business hours, however we are still here and

we can be reached by calling a branch to address your individual needs. Call Us. Access to the lobby will be by

appointment. The Drive-Thru is staffed and ready to complete your transactions. All services will remain available

to our customers.


Our employees are working remotely and in the branch. We are being nimble and have staggered shifts to limit the

virus spread as much as possible while performing all the necessary functions of our Community Bank. We have

established protocols for employees and customers entering the branch. We have enhanced our cleaning services

and our employees are sanitizing. Employees are practicing hygiene consistent with the CDC guidelines and any

customers entering the bank will be advised on the CDC Guidelines


Here for You while Practicing Social Distancing 


We offer many ways in which we can serve you without violating social distancing such as: 

•   24/7 Telephone Banking by calling 1-855-688-0692

•   24/7 Online and Mobile Banking

•   24/7 ATM access

•   24/7 access to BillPay allowing you to pay your bills from your phone or computer

•   24/7 access to PopMoney, a cashless way to pay other people directly from your account

•   Drive-Thru Services at most locations

•   Contacting your branch where employees can perform many functions with you over the phone, Call Us


 We strive to allow you to bank anytime and from anywhere. If you don’t believe you have a service listed above,

 Call Us



Consumer Financial Assistance 


These are unsettling times. STB stands beside our customers ready to win. We are making temporary changes to

benefit you and we are prepared to offer these adjustments until further notice.


•   STB is waiving CD Early Withdrawal Fees. In certain cases and at our discretion, penalties may be waived for

    early withdrawals of Certificates of Deposit.

•   STB is waiving Fees for Excessive Withdrawals from your Savings Account.  We want to make sure you have

    access to your funds during these uncertain times.

•   Increased Daily Spending Limits on Debit Cards. If you need your daily limit increased on your debit card

    temporarily, Call Us, and we will see what we can do to assist while protecting you and us against potential fraud.


Commercial and Personal Loan Assistance


•  STB Loan Support. Your Lender is prepared to work with you in this crisis.  You may elect to defer payments on

    installment loans, and do so, without a penalty and without adversely impacting your credit score. Please contact

    your Lender for further details, Call Us

•  Suspended Residential Foreclosure Activity.  STB will not proceed with any residential mortgage foreclosures at

    this time.

•  STB is committed to helping you navigate the COVID-19 loan relief options. The Paycheck Protection Program,

    part of the new CARES stimulus package, is a federal loan program aimed at helping small businesses who have

    been severely impacted by COVID-19. STB, working with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), has

    been processing Paycheck Protection Program loans. If the program receives more funding STB is ready to

    participate again. Download the U.S. Department of Treasury’s link to better understand the program 

    and access the application.


Beware of Scams during COVID-19 


Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus. While despicable, it is a real issue. Our goal is

to educate you. Please reference the link here to the Federal Trade Commission for tips to avoid scammers.


Please ignore phony text messages regarding bank closing and stimulus checks. Also STB will never contact you

directly and ask for your personal or account information that we already have on file. Instead, talk to your lender to

protect you from being a victim. Call Us. Fraudulent emails, calls or texts claiming to be from the Treasury

Department and offering COVID-19 grants or stimulus payments in exchange for personal information, or an

advance fee, including asking you to purchase gift cards is most likely fraud. Contact the FBI at

if you receive what you believe to be a scam.


SouthTrust Bank is Tried and True! 


Challenging times call for consumers to align with banks that are safe and secure and focused on doing what is best

for customers and the community. STB knows that COVID-19 is a threat not only to your personal health but a

threat to the US economy.


The potential recession and the impact of oil prices will test the state of Texas and beyond. Our team of employees

have rallied around fortifying our presence now, and in the long term future. 85+ years of independence is a

testament to our soundness, even when many banks have failed, been bailed out, or bought out.


Your insured deposits are safe. No one has ever lost a penny of deposits insured by the FDIC. STB’s capital position

is strong, liquidity is good, and our loan loss reserve is larger than our peers. We stand ready to support you through

these challenging times. As your Community Bank we are ready to talk to you if you need us. Call Us