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Barn with Texas Flag

Discover SouthTrust Bank


SouthTrust Bank was founded in George West, Texas in 1934. Originally First National Bank, we have grown to seven locations in South Texas and Houston by

successfully serving our communities and customers. We are locally owned, locally managed, and compete successfully with the largest mega-banks as well as

other local competitors to provide a wide range of financial services to our customers.

Our strength is our people and their dedication to providing the best possible customer experience. Give us a try!


BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                              ADVISORY DIRECTORS

Stuart Saunders                 Chairman of the Board                                  Andy Eubanks  

Steve Jackson                                                                                                Andrée Stagg         

Mike Laux                                                                                                      Denise Garza

James Pawlik

David West



Steve Jackson                    President & CEO

Michelle Benoit                 Chief Financial Officer; Cashier

Andrée Stagg                    Executive Vice President; Chief Credit Officer

Liz Urbanczyk                    Senior Vice President; Account Services

Denise Garza                    George West Branch President; Market President

Andy Eubanks                   Floresville Branch President; Market President

Terri Denny                       East Houston Branch President

Carlos Garza                     San Antonio Branch President

 Chase Moore                   Pleasanton Branch President